Contact Programme :

Contact classes for 7 days will be held in which basics of theory papers will be discussed by experts. Experts in the eld of Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychiatric social work will take classes on relevant topics included in Self Instructional Material (SIM). One to one interaction and availability of additional materials are bonuses. Contact classes are held online as well as offline mode.

  • Contact classes are compulsory for internal assessment.
  • A maximum of 20 marks are awarded for complete attendance.
  • The exact dates of the contact programme will be announced during orientation programme.


Exam Orientation Programme :

  • Will be held tentatively during the second week of September.
  • This ensures a revision of the whole year’s events as well as tips from experts on how to write the exams.
  • This is not compulsory from point of view of IA/exams.


Practical Assignment :

As a part of Internal Assessment actual contact with clients and submissions of case report are required for 40 (20+20) marks. Each student will have to submit practical assignment after interacting with clients under the supervision of a trained counselor at a recognised institute / centre.

Group Mail & Whatsapp Group :

Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health has a group mail with around 5000 members which serves as a platform for interaction of all our students. The group mail facilitates discussions on the subject, a link between alumni and current students and as a channel of communication between MEFFMH and its students.

Scope for Placement :

The actual need for counsellors in India has not yet been assessed. With the advent of globalization, industrialization and a consumerist trend in lifestyles, the need for counselling has increased by leaps and bounds and so has its scope. Till the last decade, the scope of counselling was restricted to hospitals and NGOs. Currently, counselling is seen to be in urgent need in :

  • Schools And Colleges
  • Institutions For The Mentally Challenged
  • VCTC Centres In Government Hospitals
  • Corporate Work Places
  • Human Resource Management
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Career Consultation Centers
  • Child Guidance Centre
  • Child Protection Unit
  • Hospitals And Medical Care Centers
  • Adoption Centers
  • Gender Sensitivity Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Family Counselling Centers
  • Marriage CounselingCenters
  • Helpline for Women / Children / Elderly
  • Neurological Centers
  • Training Institutes


MEFFMH provides campus placement opportunities as and when the need arises. Through its social media groups, MEFFMH we provide a platform for our alumni to learn about work opportunities that arise in any of the above mentioned areas.