Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health

MEFFMH was established in the year 2004, with the vision of training lay counsellors to meet the increasing demands of the world today.

The courses in the distance mode offered by us were successful because of Manasa’s commitment to mental health awareness. The courses have already won admiration for their quality and relevance, thanks mainly to the involvement of proficient and committed faculty, the excellent quality of the contact programmes and training.

These are also courses which have attracted qualified learners from all fields – doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers; persons from all over the country and many from abroad. So far around 3100 aspirants have successfully completed these courses and are successfully practicing as counsellors.

Our History

Most of them have testified to the impact the courses have made on them, as individuals and as professionals. Many of them are already placed as counsellors in various settings – from schools to psychiatric hospitals. Teachers, doctors and social workers have found the courses making a big difference to their nature of work. Such goodwill has strengthened MEFFMH’s resolve to constantly improve the courses.

An internship programme has already been initiated. It is an intensive, six-month long programme meant to further enhance the counselling skills of candidates who pass the counselling courses and would like to obtain intensive training.

Our Mission & Vision

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The courses are run by Manasa trust in collaboration with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Bangalore


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is an Indian educational trust founded in 1938 by Dr. K M Munshi with the support of Mahatma Gandhi. The trust programmes through 119 centres in India, 7 centres abroad and 367 constituent institutions.

Manasa Trust is a registered trust founded in 1998 by Late. Dr. K A Ashok Pai, who was a pioneer in the field of mental health. The main objective of the trust is to create awareness about mental health and generate a trained workforce to handle the counselling needs of the population.

Manasa Trust (Est. 1998)