The counselling courses in the distance mode offered by us were successful because of Manasa’s commitment to Mental health awareness. The courses which were offered from 2003-04 to 2017-18, have already won admiration for their quality and relevance. Thanks mainly to the guidance and active participation of senior faculty members from all universities in the state as well as experts from other institutions, the quality of the contact programmes and training has been high. These are also courses which have attracted qualified learners from all fields – doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers; persons from all centers of India and many from abroad; of all ages from 21 to 80 plus. So far around 3100 candidates have successfully completed these courses in the last 15 batches. Most of them have testified to the impact the courses have made on them, as individuals and as professionals. Many of them are already placed as cousellors in various settings – from schools to psychiatric hospitals. Teachers, doctors and social workers have found the courses making a big difference to their attitudes and behavior. Such goodwill has strengthened MEFFMH’s resolve to constantly improve the courses.


For Post Graduate Diploma Courses, basic qualifiation required is graduate degree in any discipline from any recognized University/ Institute.

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

  • It is a 1 year non semester course
  • Each year course inculdes 4 Theory papers, all of which are subject specific.
  • Each paper is of 100 marks of which 80 marks are for theory written exam 20 marks are for internal assessment(includes theory assignements, attendance at Contact Classes an internal assesment test conducted on the last day of contact Programme). (Total of 400 marks for theory)
  • Two practical exams of 100 (including internal assessment for submitting Case reports for 20 marks in each practical paper)

Study Material

Instructional materials prepared by experts and approved by the BOS shall be provided to candidates at the time of admission.

Calendar of Events for 2020-21

1 Application and Prospectus available from 25-11-2020
2 Last Date for send filled Applications without late fee 30-12-2020
3 Last Date for send filled Applications without late fee Rs.100/- 15-01-2021
4 Last Date for send filled Applications without late fee Rs.200/- 30-01-2021
5 Orientation/ Contact Programme February 2021 (One Day)
6 Contact Programme April 2021 (Seven Days)
7 Submission of IA Assignments Books by candidates 20-07-20201
8 Tentative date for commencement of exam Second Week of November 2021

Contact Classes

Contact classes for 7 days will be held in which basics of theory papers will be discussed by experts.

Experts in the field of Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychiatric social work will take classes on relevant topics included in self Instructional Material (SIM). One to one interaction and availability of additional materials are bonuses.

  • Contact classes are compulsory for internal assessment.
  • A maximum of 20 marks are awarded for complete attendance.
  • The exact dates of the contact programme will be announced during orientation programme.

Venue for Contact Programme

1. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s H.B. College of Communications and management
Race Course Road, Bengaluru-560001
Ph: 080-22201959

2. Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial Institute
‘Vinodini’ Building,Near Mallikarjuna Talkies, Park Extension, Shivamogga-577201
Ph: 08182-401088, Mob-9448288483/89

3. Anirvedha Resource Centre for Psychological Well being, Behind Syndicate Bank, Near Inland Ebony, Kadri Road, Mangalore.
Ph : 9902322985

4. Datasai hospital, Opposite Anand hotel, Raviwar peth, Rajendra chowk, Solapur
M : 9850290222

Practical Assignments

As a part of Internal Assessment actual contact with clients and submissions of case report are required for 40 (20+20) marks. Each student will have to submit practical assignment after interacting with clients under the supervision of a trained counselor at a recognised institute / centre.

Submission of Assignments

  • The last date for submission of assignment- 1/7/2020
  • Submission after 10.7.2020 will lead to loss of marks marks due to late submission.
  • Assignments will be evaluated by resource persons associated with the course and their decision shall be considered Fail.
  • There is no provision for re-evaluation of assignments.

Exam Orientation Programme

  • Will be held tentatively during the second week of September.
  • This ensures a revision of the whole year’s events as well as tips from experts on how to write the exams.
  • This is not compulsory from point of view of IA/exams.


  • Will be held anywhere between October and November.
  • Exams will be conducted by the Board of Examiners.

Declaration of Class

  • Those who score 60% of marks or above are declared I Class in the examination. Those who score 50% of marks or above but below 60% of marks in the examination are declared II Class Those who score 40% of marks or above but below 50% of marks in the examination are declared Pass Class
  • A candidate securing minimum 40% marks in any of the paper is entitled to claim exemption in that paper at his / her option and has to appear in the remaining papers in which he / she has failed to secure the minimum of 40% of marks or more at the subsequent attempt. However, a candidate has to complete all exams within double the duration of the course.


  • Will be usually announced by November / December-2020.


  • As counselling is a soft skill and is learnt only by intuition and practice, only knowledge is insufficient for a student to start out on his / her own. Hence, Manasa offers internship programmes of fifteen days to one month of working in the field. A certificate will be awarded to those who have completed this -which may help further placements.

Lateral Entry

  • A special provision is made by the BOS to permit the candidates who have taken up PG Diploma Course in 2018-19 in any stream from MEFFMH to opt another course with the exemption of two theory papers. For ex- A candidate who admitted for PG Diploma in Psychological Counselling & Guidance in 2018-19 batch can now get admitted to PG Diploma in Child Counselling/ Corporate Counselling with exemption from two theory papers. Those who are interested may personally contact the Coordinator MEFFMH