Manasadhara Trust Manasadhara is an unique institution which offers care, treatment and rehabilitation for the mentally ill. It is a temporary home for people who need special care and attention before they are capable enough to return to their family and occupation.

Manasadhara offers residential facility, medical attendance, expert counseling and psychiatric treatment alongside skilled and professional care to help in rehabilitation. Established and managed by Manasadhara Trust this centre provides a wholesome environment for the patients to reequip and return to mainstream social life. Thankfully the mentally disturbed now have clinics and hospitals providing psychiatric treatment, but the more challenging phase comes when the serious symptoms are controlled and the patient is not yet fit to manage himself or herself independently.

Manasadhara has a multi disciplinary team composing of Psychiatrists, Neurologist, Clinical Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Counsellors, General Physician, Consultant Diabetologist ,Nurses, Education and Skill imparting specialists. They help in identifying the abilities of patients, so that adequate and appropriate support is provided to maximize their functioning capabilities. After assessment, individualized support plans are designed, considering social, emotional behavioral and cognitive needs of the patients family. The communication difficulties experienced by many of these people compound the distress. Hence, special emphasis is laid on social skill training enabling them to function well in any social situation, managing inter personal relationships, communication and behavior management skills.

Psychiatrists, as part of them team, assess the need for pharmacological treatment of the underlying problem and medicines are prescribed with careful and regular monitoring of effectiveness.

Clinical Psychologists and counselors are well trained in various psychotherapies including cognitive behavioural therapies, Group and family therapies, occupational therapists train the inmates to overcome barriers that are likely to impact activities of daily living, so that patients learn new skills, practice old skills and look at creative ways to get round difficulties.

K. V.Kamath, Ankita, Amartya, Anirudh, Krish and Krithi blocks have accommodation for its residents making the stay more comfortable and giving each one of the residents their own private space of living. There are separate quarters for male and female residents.

There are specially designed activity areas, library and counseling chambers. It has central kitchen and dining hall, where healthy, hygienic nutritious and delicious food is cooked and served.

Manasadhara has diversified into various fields of excellence in the sub domains of mental healthcare from preventive, promotive, to long term care.

  • Short term rehabilitation
  • Long term rehabilitation
  • De addiction
  • Supported employment
  • Psychological and Neuro psychiatric services
  • Every weekend cultural programmes
  • Every Sunday film show
  • Trips to nearby tourist attractions.

Admission and fees Considering the need for long duration of stay, the charges vary depending on the medical condition of the patient at the time of admission. Each patient has his/her unique need, interest and requirement, hence “Individualized Treatment Plan” has helped thounsands to recover and reintegrate back into society.